Our passion for wood

Passionate about wood

So much more than a piece of furniture …


From the first rough draft on paper to delivery of the finished article, the whole furniture-making process involves more than 170 people, who are all passionate about wood and interior design. Every single day, these employees put their heart and soul into making these high-quality oak products. Meet some of our colleagues with a passion for wood.

Conny Janssen - Quality Checker

I am the last person to see the fully finished product before it is packed.

Every piece of furniture goes through a long process with many links. It gives me great satisfaction ‘when a plan comes together’.

1. Conny Janssen - Quality Checker Final Product
Bart Coolen - Designer

Bart Coolen – Designer

Every piece of furniture starts off as a wild idea, a vague sketch or a specific need.

The moment a piece of furniture is finally finished always feels a little like the first day at school. Will people like it? Do the proportions work? Is it user-friendly?

Kurt Mortier – Operations Manager

Delivering quality is our number one priority.

I am convinced that we can make the difference by being critical and only being satisfied with the most stringent quality requirements.

Kurt Mortier - Operations Manager
Patrick Celis - Spray Department

Patrick Celis – Spray Department

Every piece of furniture is unique because wood is a natural product and the gnarls, grain and structure are different in every tree.

This is what makes wooden furniture exciting and distinctive. So, staining wood is a real craft, requiring considerable experience and an eye for detail.

Christophe Michielsen – Model Maker

I have the privilege of being one of the people working on the birth of every new interior design collection.

Together with the designers, we translate the technical drawings into a strong, stable and practical piece of furniture.

Christophe Michielsen – Model Maker
Sigrid Thomas – Sales Manager Mmood

Sigrid Thomas – Sales Manager Mmood

As a ‘design addict’, I am passionate about everything that is beautiful and adds value to your interior.

And, if the object turns out to have an extra purpose and manages to surprise people, that makes me really happy. Clever, stylish objects are right up my street.

Carl Mintjens – CEO  

It is a real honour to be able to continue my father’s life’s work with the utmost respect for people and nature.

Mintjens Groups is one of a few remaining furniture manufacturers in Belgium. We hold on to this tradition because good ethical values and standards are more important to us than relocating to low-wage countries.

Carl Mintjens – CEO
René Verwimp - IMA technician

René Verwimp -IMA technician

Technology is always evolving. At Mintjens Group, we are constantly investing in new innovative production processes to achieve the best possible result in the most efficient manner.

Greet Lemmens – Marketing Manager

Interior design goes hand in hand with emotions. After all, buying furniture is not a rational purchase.

So, it is my job to present our products in the most attractive way possible through amazing photos, attractive brochures, a dynamic website and beautiful trade fair presentations. Always with emphasis on experience, storytelling and customer focus.

Greet Lemmens – Marketing Manager
Patricia Verhoeven – Machine Operator

Patricia Verhoeven – Machine Operator

Milling, drilling, brushing, sanding ... In the machine room, individual parts are made, which are then put together during the assembly process.

Most machines are computer-controlled, but the work still involves quite a lot of manpower (or ‘womanpower’). As one of the few women here, I manage to hold my own very well.

Edward Mintjens – Commercial Manager

I am extremely proud of our sales team who pull out all the stops day in, day out to make sure everything runs smoothly. We are in very close contact with the customer – both the account managers who are out on the road and the inhouse team are always prepared to go the extra mile.


At Mintjens Group, we invariably think in terms of solutions and our relationship with the customer is key. These qualities also happen to be two of our greatest strengths as a respectable Belgian company, through and through.

Edward Mintjens – Commercial Manager